The growing trend of consumer awareness towards the impact of their actions on the environment has seen Plantic Technologies, a part of the Kuraray Group, successful in supplying some of the world’s largest retailers and produces with high barrier environmentally friendly packaging materials. With a large portfolio of materials including recyclable, home compostable and materials that have recycled content, Plantic is solving issues for companies globally who are looking for solutions to meet their packaging targets.

Plantic Technologies Ltd has achieved a unique place in the world market for bioplastic through proprietary technology that delivers biodegradable and renewable sourced alternatives to conventional plastics based on corn and cassava; which is not genetically modified. As further endorsement, Plantic has received many global packaging awards for their products, these materials are proven to be fighting the international issue of plastics in the environment.

Unlike other bioplastic companies who utilise organic materials but whose polymers are still developed in refineries. Plantic’s polymer as well as its raw material, are grown in a field. The entire process integrates the science of organic innovation with commercial and industrial productivity in a new way. The result is both a broad range of an immediate increase in performance and long-term environmental and sustainability benefits.

By positioning Plantic products as a direct replacement for conventional polymers it allows the customer to have a drop-in replacement and when compared with oil-based products, an independent Life Cycle Analysis assessment found that Plantic’s products use up to 40% less energy and provide a reduction in greenhouse gases CO2 by up to 70%.

At the core of the technology is PLANTIC HP a fully biodegradable high barrier structure, PLANTIC HP is the barrier and at the centre of all Plantic products. According to the customer’s needs the outer skins are made to suit the products being packed and the customer’ desire for either a compostable or recyclable solution.

Proving popular amongst retailers is one of the latest released products from Plantic where PET is used in a range of thermoformable webs. By using recycled materials Plantic has found a solution and outlet for the mountain of waste that is building up globally.

A growing demand from packaging suppliers, has seen Plantic develop PLANTIC CF a barrier sealant made from home compostable films. When combined with other plant based and biodegradable materials the finished pack provides high barrier, sustainable packaging.

Further advancements from Plantic has seen the company’s willingness to supply PLANTIC HP as a monolayer. This allows local packaging suppliers to produce materials that suit their market and to add value to their customers. Plantic Technologies Ltd is supplying major supermarket customers on three continents in applications such as case ready fresh and processed meats, fresh pasta, coffee, dried food and cheese applications.

Plantic’s products are proven to have exceptional gas barrier properties which dramatically extend the shelf life of the packaged product. Plantic’s products are proven to have exceptional gas barrier properties which dramatically extend the shelf life of the packaged product.

Plantic Technologies Ltd is expanding rapidly and refining its technology to meet the ever-growing global needs for more environmentally and performance efficient materials.

“Plantic materials are not just about being a sustainable material, it has an ultra-high barrier that can improve the shelf life of a product, and reduce food waste. With Plantic materials you can have an enormous impact on value change and reduce the effects of climate change, both by reducing food waste and using more sustainable materials.” Brendan Morris, Plantic Technologies Ltd CEO and Managing Director.

Article published in Asia Food Beverage Thailand | Jun-Aug 2019