Our Goal

Our goal is to provide our customers a basis for cost effective food production that is perfectly customised to suit and improve your product as well as providing systems that work efficiently and reduce operating costs.

INOX is engaged in successfully providing solutions for food and liquid processing.


As food process engineers, INOX specialise in the design and manufacture of complete systems and equipment for the heating and processing of:

  • dairy and beverage products
  • meat sauces
  • juices
  • preserves and jams
  • sauces
  • baby foods
  • dips
  • fruit preps
  • soups
  • slurries
  • stocks
  • specialised ingredients

and any type of food products as well as the supply of quality made, and compliant equipment manufactured in Australia for the food processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical and allied industries.


INOX provide food processors with a design and manufacturing facility that is 100% Australian owned, 100% Australian MADE and compliant.



As a specialist in mechanical systems and thermodynamics, INOX is supported by a strong engineering department equipped with the latest CAD software.


In order to determine the optimum parameters for your food products, INOX provide engineering staff and facilities to conduct client product testing in-house with our trial equipment.


All equipment is manufactured in our Melbourne facilities in the northern suburb of Epping located 20 minutes from the International and Domestic Airport. All equipment is fully assembled and mechanically tested prior to dispatch. Customer witnessing of F.A.T (factory acceptance testing) is always welcomed.


Our experienced staff of technicians travel worldwide for the re-assembly and commissioning of our equipment.


All specific spare parts are available directly from INOX and are shipped anywhere in the world as quick as possible.

Flexible, customised design tailored to suit any application

INOX designs and manufactures specialised custom equipment such as:


  • liquid and powder mixing systems (INSTANTISER™)
  • jacketed pressure and vacuum cooking equipment
  • storage and mixing tanks
  • blending and mixing equipment
  • CIP/COP systems
  • Batch batch mixing, cooking and cooling food processing equipment
  • de-aerators, pressure vessels, aseptic vessels
  • Continuous food processing systems for heating and cooking, including viscous product with particulates

Inox is truly a one-stop shop in this industry. Process design experience and stainless steel fabrication know-how ensures that each system designed and manufactured at Inox is delivered with confidence and the customer has service backup.

Our Clients


...The Best Equipment available and a reputation that is second to none

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