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The Inox Instantiser has been successfully proven to be Australia’s food industry answer to fast, homogeneous powder/liquid mixing and an effective solution to problems that occur with mixing systems where breaking up of difficult to mix solutions and agglomerates is present with traditional mixing equipment.

Inox Instantisers rapidly dissolve and disperse viscous solids, semi solids and powders more effectively than any other system.

A specially designed impellor system combined with an appropriate vessel shape, produce a high level of turbulence to dissolve and disperse almost any food product in the most efficient and thorough manner available.

INOX Instantiser

Industry trusted mixing system

Mixing Of Any Dry + Liquid Product With Better Results

Common ingredients:

  • Stabilisers, gums, guars, xanthan gums, pectins
  • Lactose, skim milk powders, whey powders, lactoferrins, dairy products
  • cocoa, liquid sugars, salts

Skim Milk Powder

Xanthan Gums


Whey Powder

Lactoferrin Powder

Improve Product Appearance, Taste And Feel



  • re-work constitutes, pre-mix slurries, pre-mix and heat concentrates
  • mix and pasteurise in one vessel – reduce transfers to other tanks

Successful product texture, taste and feel

Faster Than Traditional Mixing Methods By 80% Or Better

High speed mixing


  • improve product quality, reduced particle size, improve texture and appearance.
  • reduce operating costs by reducing mixing time.
  • Produce more in less time.

Australian designed, manufactured, and compliant, the INOX Instantiser is a truly world class high speed mixing system that remains at the forefront for sanitary engineering design and manufacture and is highly effective, well built, and long lasting.

Flexible By Design, Tailored To Suit Any Requirements

The Instantiser, 100% Australian made and built to perform day after day, shift after shift, without risk of stoppage to your production schedule.

Spare parts are minimal (standard mechanical seal), all items are sourced locally – within Australia, and our engineers are only a phone call away.

Together with Inox process know-how, Inox Instantiser mixing systems are designed with instrumentation and process controls that maximize energy efficiencies, produce food products that have reduced particle size, and the finished product often resulting in improvements to the look, taste and feel of the food products.

Standard Sizes available:

  • 100L
  • 1000L
  • 200L
  • 1500L
  • 300L
  • 2000L
  • 500L
  • 2500L
  • 750L
  • 3000L
Upon special consideration and design conditions, sizes up to 15,000L are available.

Instantiser process systems

The standard INOX Instantiser impellor has proven success in the food processing industry, however, we also have available a series of specially designed impellors.

High speed mixing impellor

Impellor choices

Specialised impellor developments

Low Level Instantiser

Height requirement restrictions and operator ergonomics are considerable factors when selecting and designing your machinery.

Up to 1000L, an operator loading height of 1,000mm is available.

Because INOX custom designs equipment to suit your specific requirements, custom design and consultation with INOX staff is another key factor that influences purchasing from a local supplier.

Instantiser Process Systems – Total Flexibility

INSTANTISER Process systems

Turn key processing systems are available with heating, cooling, cutting capabilities, as well as temperature monitoring, level control, ingredient addition and product analysis.

PLC control and touch screen capabilities make the INSTANTISER process systems flexible to ensure that your investment has the ability to perform when your product requires modification for improvements or your company wishes to launch into new products and markets.

Systems are skid mounted with the ability for connection of steam/power/air/liquid, to enable your plant to quickly install and begin production.

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