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INOX is always prepared to advise customers of the right equipment selection when considering food processing, cooking equipment and systems.

The right machinery selection and process parameters play an important role in the success of a company and the acceptance of the product that it produces.

Creative Design & Sound Engineering Principles

The range of food products is vast and varied. There are no limits with regard to imagination and taste when it comes to producing food products.

INOX designs and manufactures food processing equipment that improves taste, color, texture and can increase product yield by efficient and effective design and careful selection of suitable materials and design features of all equipment.


INOX supply equipment for food processing and cooking that start with the high intensity mixing of the INOX Instantiserâ„¢ for homogeneous mixing of ingredients and slurries prior to the cooking phase.


INOX steam jacketed kettles, pressure and vacuum kettles and vessels are flexible and are adaptable to cope with processing of all viscous food products such as sauces, soups, jams, conserves.

High pressure jackets up to 10 bar, allow for the possibility to brown or caramelize meat, vegetables or similar products therefore providing the final product with a taste resulting from the roasting aromas.

Custom Designed To Your Needs

Production of all soups, sauces, jams and other products always require individual consideration for design of the respective process system and product line.

INOX offer solutions on the basis of proven components and processes. We provide tailor-made solutions in every case to ensure we meet and exceed the customers requirements.

A feature of the INOX processing kettle is the horizontal scraping agitator. This design can be described as a simulation of stirring and moving of food product just as one would in a pot or saucer in a domestic kitchen.

Furthermore, this design also allows for the top of the vessel to allow 100% clear access for tipping equipment and allow for perfect inspection viewing and access during cleaning.

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