INOX specialises in developing solutions for complex engineering tasks encountered in the food industry, particularly with new, innovative and very niche food and liquid products coming to market.

We understand that your investment in equipment must have the ability to adapt to changes in processes as well as providing you the ability to be innovative and flexible with your product development and future products.

INOX supply a broad range of integrated food processing equipment by providing solutions to help customers improve process performance and profitability.

Apply Heat & Mix With Technology

Thermal properties of wet mixing is determined by our engineers to determine the heating, cooling and insulation design of the mixing equipment and system.

Flow rates through jacketed tanks is important to ensuring that product is heated or cooled effectively. Correct design at this stage is paramount to the success of each project.

Correct material selection which is calculated by considering the product temperature, product ingredient type and chemical behaviour, determines that correct materials of construction.

Food & Liquid Processing Industry Partner

INOX is your food processing partner. A partner for finding new and innovative solutions to your processing requirements.

Our experience will have you gain our trust quickly. Our business relies strongly on building solid relationships with our food processing customers.

Together with our manufacturing facilities, we provide a service that starts from development of process technology according to your specific requirements, Engineering and CAD design, through to manufacture of equipment and process systems in our dedicated stainless steel manufacturing workshop.

Factory acceptance testing (F.A.T.) is completed in our facilities and we welcome our customers to witness during this phase to ensure satisfaction and success of every project.

Unique Scraper Blade Design

Mixing vessels with scraped surface agitators are used when the skin of the jacket is heated or cooled for processing requirements and also to empty the vessel content thoroughly to ensure valuable product is not wasted.

Scraper blades are also installed when product being heated in the vessel is prone to ‘burn on’, on the heated surface. Constantly scraping the inner surface of the shell ensures that ‘burn on’ is reduced or removed.

INOX has designed a unique scraper blade design that has no screws, bolts, or loose items that can loosen and fall into the product, causing safety and contamination issues or find their way into an expensive downstream pump, causing expensive damage.

The scraper blade design is removable by hand, without tooling, is hygienic and can be cleaned by standard, existing CIP processes.

The material of the scraper can be FDA and food grade approved engineering plastics and can also have detection properties. This ensures that product is kept safe.

Wet Mixing: Liquid + Solids

INOX design and manufacture processing systems and specialised equipment for mixing and storage of food products as well as dangerous, combustible and flammable goods.

All equipment built by INOX is manufactured in Australia and is compliant to all relevant codes.

Sanitary and hygienic design is our expertise.

A range of agitation design is available.

  • hydrofoil
  • impellor blade
  • shear mixing
  • product suspension
  • turbulence
  • swept surface
  • scraped surface

High Shear Mixing of Liquid + Solids with INOX Instantiser

Effective mixing determines the quality of food products in look, taste, texture, color and feel. It is a combination of art and science. The process, ingredients, machine variables are what determines the product quality and desired result.

There are many ways to arrive at a specific formulation. Even after prolonged and vigorous mixing, the final product can suffer from defects such as reduced viscosity or unwanted increased viscosity, a grainy texture which is not acceptable or lumpy agglomerates, “fish-eyes” (lumps that are wet on the outside and dry on the inside).

Many food products begin as a mixture of liquids and solids prior to thermal treatment. Some ingredients are rather difficult to mix into a homogenous liquid. Products such as:

  • xanthan gums
  • pectins
  • starches
  • alginates

Are all difficult to mix with traditional round tank + agitator style mixers.

The solution to these issues, is the high shear INOX mixer, INSTANTISER, which successfully mixes these hard to mix ingredients and provides reduced mixing times – up to 80% quicker.

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