Stainless Steel Tanks

Our engineers are available to help determine the most cost effective and efficient tank design and our dedicated stainless steel workshop is fitted with equipment to provide quality tanks that are second to none.

So many food processing, dairy, beverage, and chemical companies throughout Australia place a high degree of trust and confidence in any of our quality stainless steel, sanitary, reliable tanks.

The choices are vast. Inox engineers will help you to decide tank options such as:

  • heating or cooling external jackets – liquid medium or steam rated – our engineers can determine the time and energy required to heat up a specific volume of product – or to cool it down.
  • suitable insulation and cladding – sealed SS cladding – our engineers can calculate the amount of temperature loss over time.
  • most effient size and shape – Inox engineers and drafting personell are here to help you with your plant layout and all drafting services are generally included with our tank quotes.
  • correct tank venting size based on several process factors including cleaning processes – important feature often misunderstood by others causing tanks to implode and become un-useable.
  • tank fittings: removable hygienic CIP sprayballs, directional ‘no foam’ inlets, vortex breakers, and many other features for general processing requirements.
  • process instrumentation can be supplied by our supply partners.
  • electrical control systems can be supplied by our long term electrical partner.
  • load cell systems incorporated into our systems are also available for accurate batching of product.
  • other processing features such as flow meters for accurate water or other liquid dosing, temperature control to maintain consistent batch temperature.
  • dangerous goods, combustible goods in the chemical industry require another set of Australian standards (AS1692) which are to be followed.
  • CIP Tanks and CIP Tank systems – either skid mounted or free standing.
  • Call upon the vast experience of Inox Fabrications Australia to provide you a stress free project experience.
INOX Steam Jacketed Kettles

High quality construction

INOX Steam Jacketed Kettles

Any design, configuration and application available

INOX Steam Jacketed Kettles

Fail-safe, fastener free and CIP-able scraped surface agitator design

Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks

Specialised mixing plants

INOX stainless steel mixing tanks are custom designed to suit every detail required by the customer.

There are many options to consider which INOX work through with the customer and assist in finalising the best design for your process requirements.

Agitator designs are determined by carefully considering the product viscosity, temperature, solid/liquid ratio and time required for mixing.

Options available are paddle type, hydrofoil, surface sweeping, surface scraping, and custom designed agitators.

Particular consideration is also given to the behaviour of the product. In some cases, alternative equipment may be considered. For example the INOX Instantiser is particularly suited for high shear mixing.

Materials of construction available are 304 SS, 316 SS, SAF2205, SAF2507.

Mixing tanks can be fitted with adjustable BSP ball feet, top, side, or bottom entry agitator, fittings for high level, low level, temperature indication, sample points, overflow, safety grates in manways, no foam inlets, removable CIP sprayballs and many other features available.

Our mixing tanks are not manufactured with the thinnest material available. INOX tanks are made to last and to withstand the process industries high end production requirements.

Quality of manufacture and thoughtful design are what INOX supply to the industry.

Our mixing tanks have been installed in blue chip food processing, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical companies all over Australia and in Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia.

Stainless Steel Jacketed & Insulated Mixing Tanks


  • INOX jacketed and insulated tanks are available in many forms and sizes depending on the client requirements.

    Thermal considerations are calculated by our engineers to achieve the most effective and efficient heating or cooling requirements.

    After the thermal contraints are considered, the detail design and manufacturing is conducted all within our Melbourne facilities.

    Correct insulation sizing and insulation type is another important factor in reducing energy losses from the tank contents and the external environmental factors which effect the product.

    Dimple plate or cavity plate used on our vessels are manufactured in accordance with

    • AS1210-2010 standards for use with hot or cold water and/or steam.
    • Pressure ratings are up to 13.2 bar (1320kPa).
    • All dimple plate is hydrostatically tested to 19.8 bar (1980kPa).

    We offer only AS1210 certified dimple plate to leak proof our designs, ensure vessel jacket longevity and to ensure that product contamination is eliminated.

    Suitable agitation type is available in a range of options and suitability is determined by careful consideration of the product and process factors.

Any customised design available

Stainless Steel Silos & Storage Tanks

Sanitary process equipment

INOX manufacture stainless steel storage tanks and silos up to 100,00L.

Found mostly in the dairy and bulk storage industries, INOX tanks and silos are designed and manufactured for sanitary applications and CIP suitablility.

Our Manufacturing facilities are fitted with overhead cranage and tank rotation equipment, alongside our modern and dedicated stainless steel fabrication workshop.

INOX are an ASSDA accredited stainless steel fabrication company, so you can be assured that mild steel contamination is NOT a risk factor.

Companies all over Australia have installed high quality, storage tanks and silos from INOX for many of their most important storage requirements.

Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

Inox designs and manufactures pressure vessels to the Australian Pressure Vessel code – AS1210.

Stainless steel construction, in 304 S/S, 316 S/S and SAF2205. Vessels are designed to suit customer requirements and are hygienic in design for food manufacturing processes.

Pressure Vessels are suited to processes requiring heat and pressure to maximise production.

Our stainless steel pressure vessels have been installed in dairy, beverage, food processing and chemical companies throughout Australia with the utmost of confidence that the equipment provides the hygienic requirements and are safe in operation and longevity.

Australian made and Worksafe Compliant.

Inox offer a combination of design engineering and manufacture resources that few companies can match.

Inox also design and manufacture components for pressure vessels which are commonly required on vessels such as our certified sanitary pressure manway and our aseptic sanitary bottom entry agitator.

Combining these components with our fabricated pressure vessels ensures complete AS1210 compliancy and guaranteed manufactured quality control of the equipment.

Aseptic Pressure Vessels

Inox supply Aseptic Pressure Vessels to the food processing, dairy and beverage industries where sterilisation of the vessels is required before batch replenishment.

Sterility is crucial to these processes and Inox aseptic pressure vessels have been installed in major processing plants around Australia where sensitivity to bacteria growth in food product is paramount and must be 100% eliminated during the sterilising process of the equipment.

Inox also, in addition to manufacturing aseptic pressure vessels, also provide components which are aseptic in design including our aseptic bottom entry, seal steam flushed agitator and our pressure rated manway.

All components are designed and manufactured in our Melbourne facilities.

Australian MADE and compliant Vessels

Vertical Retorts For Pressure Processing

Vertical retorts available in 304 SS, 316 SS or SAF2205 construction

Pressure Vessels made with our pneumatically opening hinged lid is suitable for batch processing with overhead basket loading.

Our high quality, industrial pressure cooking vessels are externally steam jacketed as well as internally steam pressure rated for effective, efficient cooking of food product.

Major food processors have commented that Inox pressure vessels produced increased yields and higher quality of finished product.

The sturdy baskets are suitable for gantry loading and unloading with the ‘bombay door’ design. These are specifically designed to suit each vessel.

Safety components are incorporated into the design to ensure safe operation, including venting and safety locking systems.

Vessel Accessories That Are Compliant To Australian Standards

ALL vessels are fitted with equipment designed and manufactured with INOX equipment such as:

  • aseptic bottom entry agitators
  • pressure and vacuum rated manway openings
  • designs all conform to Australian Standards AS1210

INOX AS1210 Pressure and vacuum rated access manways

Automatically Operated Opening/Closing Manway

Safe Automatic opening/closing operation

This unique component is designed for vessels that are difficult to access or that contain hazardous product within the vessel.

Traditionally, pressure vessel access manways, require that swing bolts or bolted flanges be removed prior to opening the lid. It is a safety requirement that the internal pressure within the vessel is released.

The INOX automatic manway has a mechanical valve system that forces any residual pressure released from the internal shell of the chamber, prior to the mechanical operation of the opening of the lid.

The manway can be remotely operated to open or close, prior to any human intervention.

This function also avoids personell being subjected to any initial fumes that exit the vessel when the lid is first opened.

Sizes available are 450mm, 500mm and 600mm diameter, in 316SS and 304 SS construction for food, chemical and pharmaceutical installations.

Designed to AS1210 and pressure rated to 4 bar and full vacuum conditions.

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