Ribbon Blenders For Dry Ingredient Mixing

INOX ribbon and paddle blenders have contributed to the growing success of many food companies. Equipment that creates and develops new products while providing high volume production with reliable, well built machinery.

Most food processing tasks require that the product that is produced in batches remain consistent. A great recipe will not transform into a great product unless effective mixing is achieved. Consistency is the backbone of customer loyalty.

Taste, texture, color, appearance are all crucial parameters intimately influenced by the mixing process.

These blender designs are very efficient and cost-effective for mixing dry applications such as flour, bread ingredients, cereals, meusli and nut bar ingredients, herbs and spices, tea (leaves or iced tea powders), coffee (whole or ground beans), and other beverage blends including whey proteins, dairy drinks, powdered juices, etc.

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Ribbon Blenders – Single Shaft


Ribbon Blenders For Dry Ingredient Mixing

Our customers rely on the quality that comes from experience and having supplied ribbon blenders to some of the food industries biggest manufacturers both in Australia and around the World.

INOX ribbon blenders can be found in Jamaica, United Kingdom, USA, Japan, New Zealand and most states across Australia.

Longevity and zero breakdown is our aim with our designs and construction.

Features such as solid main shaft and solid ribbon spoke construction, thick end plates that avoid buckling and quality branded gearbox drives that are industry standard.

The double helix construction of the mixing ribbons is arranged to provide excellent mixing within the trough. Outer ribbons push product towards the centre of the trough while the inner ribbons push product away from the centre.

What sets INOX ribbon blenders apart is the ability to custom design equipment to suit the customers specific requirements.

Our engineering facilities provide 3D CAD design and qualified engineering computations to ensure correct selection of materials and correct design.

INOX manufacture ribbon blenders and paddle mixer from 50L up to 10,000L.

Ribbon Blenders – Double Shaft


Twin troughed ribbon blenders or paddle mixers are a popular alternative because of the mixing/blending action that the product experiences.

The handing of the ribbons or augers result in an interrupted mixing action around the trough in a circular motion.

Suited for medium to high viscosity products.

Product outfeed is achieved by changing the direction of the augers to feed towards the mixer outlet doors located at the end of the machine.

This outlet arrangement allows the product to feed into downstream hoppers or catchment equipment for further processing or filling equipment.

Sizes available: 100L to 5,000L

Ribbon Blenders – Double Shaft

Vee Blender

Vee Blender

Vee Blenders are suited to powders and granules that require gentle homogeneous blends.

Benefits of this type of blender is low power consumption, and the ability to effectively blend small batches.

Sizes available: 50L to 2,000L

Special Auger Hoppers For Steaming & Mixing

INOX provide solutions for processing of food products such as potatoes within a pressurised chamber which is then processed further to a mash product for addition into ready meals or bulk mash for catering suppliers.

Direct steam injection into the chamber is achieved by hygienically designed steam injectors.

PLC controlled movement of all augers within the chamber ensure that the product output is homogeneous and consistent.

The equipment is easily cleaned and inspected. An inspection hatch at the outlet transition ensures that hygiene is always maintained.

The entire top of the product chamber is hinged for complete access by bin tipping loading equipment.

A minor ingredient product hatch is provided for safe manual addition of ingredients.

Auger Hoppers for cooking applications

Steam Pressurised internal chamber

Auger Feed Hoppers For Processing Plants

Generally used for products with medium to high viscosities. The product feeds downstream equipment, creating a positive pressure to feed pumps.

Heating or cooling is available to the trough shell to alter the state of the product if required. Insulation can be included to maintain product temperature during the hold time.

Sanitary design and cleanable by CIP or manual procedures. There are no parts that require disassembly.

The end outlet transition has a hinged access lid that allows thorough cleaning.

Auger Feed Hoppers For Processing Plants

Auger Hopper Internal Sanitary Finish

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