Process Pasteurising

INOX provide solutions to the food industry that require mixing, cooking, pasteurising, cooling and sterilising of food products. Pre and post filling into various packaging.

Pasteurisation is a temperature treatment of food whereby microbiological organisms are destroyed in order to make the product safe for human consumption and to provide biological stability of the food product to improve its shelf life.

Specialised Pasteurising Vessels & Mixers

Liquid pasteurisation systems are selected when batch processing of a particular volume and recipe is preferred. This method involves a vat or vessel pasteuriser combined with a heating jacket by either circulating water or steam through the pressure rated jacket on the vessel surfaces.

INOX pasteurising vessels are provided with adequate mixing via a specially designed agitator to ensure uniform heating of the entire contents.

Heat retention is achieved by insulation and fully seal welded cladding of the vessels all in high quality stainless steel.

Correct insulation of heated vessels ensures efficiency of the system.

Aseptic Sterilisation Of The Process Equipment

INOX Aseptic Process pressure vessels are designed to CIP (clean in place) and SIP (sterilise in place) after every batch.

Our vessels are designed for pressure and full vacuum conditions to ensure integrity of the equipment during all phases of the sterilising process.

Complete Processing Systems For Versatility

INOX processing systems are versatile to produce food products by either pressure cooking, atmospheric jacketed cooking, vacuum cooking for moisture reduction/concentration and the ability to sterilise all in the one unit.

Vapours that are captured after passing through the stainless steel condensor system can be re-claimed and returned into the process system on subsequent batches to maximise flavour enhancement.

The systems have full CIP abilities, through the process vessel, product lines and vapour/condenser lines by installation of a separate CIP circuit dedicated to the system.

Post Filling Continous Pasteurising

Tunnel Pasteurisation occurs after the filling process into bottles, jars, containers, pouches and almost any type of sanitary container. This method offers the ability to produce high much higher output rates.

INOX have achieved successfully results with installations Australia wide and in Asia.

Products such as juices, sauces, pastes and syrups are operating at rates of up to 10,000L per hour.

Our product research and specific product testing with your products and plant parameters is where the ability to complete a successful project is achieved.

Combined Pasteurising & Cooling Equipment

INOX tunnel technology is available in a combination that can provide warming, pasteurising, tempering and cooling within a single unit.

Our tunnel technology feature a closed water cycle, thereby providing separate zoning for the various temperature requirements.

Our aim is to provide accurate pasteurisation and quick effective cooling to ensure that product is not under or over pasteurised, and cooled quickly to ensure the effectiveness of the process.

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