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Food Processing System Solutions

INOX Australia are experts in providing end-to-end food processing system solutions to #mix, #cook and #cool your food products with efficient, innovative and the highest quality machinery manufacture. Our award winning designs and capabilities capture the innovative and point of difference that is so highly sought after in the food industry.

Our engineering and design abilities are based around a thorough understanding the food process, thermal processes and effects, quality of product, yield, and efficient use of energy and capital.

INOX Australia is truly a one-stop-shop for consultation and design of the process, system and equipment design, manufacture, automation, installation, commission and support.

All this is conducted in our Melbourne facilities. 100% in-house. Local support with a global, world class attitude and ability.

Our Melbourne manufacturing facilities are tailored only for stainless steel fabrication to ensure that contamination of stainless steel equipment is NOT a risk factor.



Process System Skid

Food Processing Skid Systems

3D Process Layout

Detailed 3D CAD Design

Process and Instrumentation Design

Your process requirements are developed together, closley, with us, by understanding your requirements and knowledge of your own product, and INOX process technology know-how and expertise.

This results in optimised, custom processing that provides you with unique, tailored systems that differentiate your process and product in the market.

Our services in this area are included. We never charge consulting fees. When a project supply price is agreed on. There is no variation or hidden fees. Unlimited.

The project is succesful only once you are processing your product, confidently, with quality INOX equipment.


Process and Instrumentation Diagrams

Functionable Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Controlling, troubleshooting and customising your system is achieved through PLC control and automation that provides low cost operations and efficient use of time and energy.

INOX are partnered with the highest quality industry suppliers of automation, instrumentation and control equipment to maximise and safeguard your valuable capital investment.

Small-Medium Process Skid Systems

Mechanical design and manufacture on skid mounting frames allows for easy installation of equipment systems in your plant.

Manufacture of the system is 100% in-house at our Melbourne facilities.

Full FAT (Factory acceptance testing) is conducted in-house at INOX and verfied by you, to ensure that operation of your system is completed in minimum time once arriving at your facilities, ready for production.

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