CIP Process Plants

Food processing plants require CLEAN IN PLACE (CIP) plants and systems that give confidence to the user to ensure that the critical hygiene of the plant, pipework and equipment is maintained during cleaning cycles.

CIP equipment is designed to remove dirt, product residuals, germs and other contaminants from equipment and machines integrated within a process system.

Safeguard Quality

INOX designs custom CIP equipment and process plants that, during consultation with the customer, strive towards optimisation and efficiency as well as minimising labour during cleaning cycles.

A successful CIP process system is the result of quality hardware and a carefully integrated control system that is individually considered and designed to perform throughout a carefully configured manufacturing plant.

Cost Flexibility

INOX offer complete flexibility in design, selection of components and level of automation on CIP process plant systems. This allows costs of systems to suit any companies budget.

Because INOX is a custom design engineering company. We offer and research components that best suit your budget.

You choose the level of operator interaction, INOX will design the system accordingly.

Flexibility and adaptability to suit the customers special requirements is why INOX is active within the Australian Food Industry.


Systems Available/Options

  • 1-4 Tank systems, Single line to multiline
  • caustic, acid, water, rinse, sanitise
  • Manual, semi-automatic to complete automatic operation
  • flow rates: 8000lph-35,000lph

Characteristics & Features

  • Heat Exchangers with automatic temperature control
  • HMI touchscreen control panels controlled by PLC
  • CIP pressure pumps for thorough circulation of CIP product
  • Integral systems with automatic dosing of CIP chemical concentrates
  • Ph values diagnostics and temperature control
  • Data logging with date/time/batch identification
  • Rinse water collection and storage

Mini – Single Use Mobile Systems

Inox single use, mobile CIP units are available in sizes up to 300L.

Options include:

  • insulated to maintain/retain hot water temperature after filling
  • Electrical heating of shell to heat solutions within the storage tank
  • sanitary centrifugal pump, variable speed control to adjust flow
  • valving and tube connections to provide single pass, recirculation, recovery and discharge circuits all within the assembly

INOX Equipment Is Designed For Cleanability

INOX processing equipment such as tanks, mixers, vessels and our specialised processing equipment are all designed to clean in place (CIP). There are many features within each component that ensures cleaning is achieved during the CIP process, without manual intervention.

This is achieved by clever and practical design, INOX process equipment has particular emphasis on cleanability by design of the components by applying the rule of ‘big holes, or no holes’ and minimising or completely removing any fasteners from the equipment processing areas inside the equipment. Round surfaces are preferred by design and any flat surfaces are sloped to promote drainage.

See also our unique and hygienic scraper blade system for tanks and vessels that require inner wall scraped agitation. This method is generally required to reduce product ‘burn on’ on the heated wall surface as well as improving thermal heat transfer and minimising product waste that can build onto the surface.

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